The Truth About Coffee

More than three-quarters of people drink coffee, with half consuming this beverage each day. However, the health risks presented by drinking too much coffee aren’t clear, but generally experts advise stopping at 2 or 3 cups. Read on to discover some interesting facts about coffee.

  • If you prefer ground coffee over instant, then you are consuming more caffeine. A drip brew pot of ground roast coffee has approximately 115 mg for an average cup. In comparison, instant coffee which doesn’t brew for so long has only 65 mg per cup.
  • All 25 major species of coffee plants are native to Africa and most originated from Ethiopia.
  • Coffee plants are related to fragrant gardenias and are part of a plant family called Rubiaceae.
  • The good news is that drinking coffee might be good for you and a caffeinated coffee could help to reduce your risk of Type II diabetes and gallstones.

Apr, 02, 2018