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Regular dental exams are important to ensure small issues don’t turn into big problems, which can be more painful and expensive to fix. Visiting the dentist for a regular check-up is an important part of your health that should be a priority.

What happens in a dental exam or ‘check up’?

Our expert dentist will take the time to look at every aspect of your oral health from gums and cheeks to the tongue and teeth. If there’s something bothering you about your teeth or smile, let us know! We would be happy to answer all your questions.

Based on your needs, we may need to take radiographs or x-rays of your teeth. We only use digital radiographs so there is minimal radiation and no wait for high quality images. To help us come up with the best care for you, our dentists may also take photos or models of your teeth.

Organise your next checkup with Redcliffe Dental today

If you need to organise an examination, book in with one of the team at Redcliffe Dental by calling a friendly representative on (07) 3284 2244 today.