A message on staying health in these uncertain times

A bit overwhelmed by the news and information on the corona virus (COVID-19) ?

We’re here to help

As an accredited dental practice we already practice the highest standards of infection control and our team are experts at preventing the spread of disease .

But during these uncertain times we want to reassure you that we’re monitoring the situation closely and are taking special steps to ensure that we can maintain our services to you and look after the health of our team and that of our clients. So you may notice additional measures that we have undertaken such as:

  • Pre screening questions and text messages when we confirm or make your appointment
  • Posters in reception about preventing the spread of infection
  • Additional hand sanitizing stations in reception and our staff actively encouraging you to use them on arrival and departure
  • Our team frequently cleaning and sanitizing surfaces, door handles, pens throughout the day
  • Removal of magazines, toys in the reception area to minimize transmission through objects or fomites
  • Less people than usual in our reception area—we are deliberately staggering our appointments to help practice social distancing. It is important to remember that the new measures do not apply to healthcare settings, but we do what we can to minimize risk.

Cover cough and sneezes, wash hands frequently, if unwell avoid contact with others

So should I still attend my appointment?

It’s still OK to visit the dentist unless you are unwell or are meant to be in self-isolation. If you are in self isolation and have a dental issue please contact us so we could provide you with advice.

Remember your oral health has an impact on your general health too. We’re here to maintain your dental health to help you optimize your general health.

Dental emergencies are challenging even during normal times. Infact preventable dental emergencies create a significant burden on our health system, particularly the emergency department. In times such as these where services are already strained, it becomes even more important to ensure we minimize the burden on our front line services. So please call us if there’s an issue and let us help you before it gets to the emergency department stage.

Finally, in a world where there can be an excess of confusing information these resources here are where you are able to access the latest information from official sources:

Mar, 24, 2020