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What Are Dental Sealants, Who Should Get Them?

Dental sealants are helpful for people with very deep grooves or fissures within their molar and premolar teeth. These grooves can trap food and plaque which can then cause decay. Sealing up these grooves can prevent this from occurring. Patients of all ages can get dental sealants. Here at Redcliffe Dental we use the latest materials and our ‘sealants’ are not like many others that breakdown over time. Our sealants are a flowable version of our white composite fillings materials and will provide you with excellent protection.

What Is the Process for Dental Sealants?

You will only need one appointment with Redcliffe Dental for your fissure sealants to be applied and it is completely painless and non-invasive. The sealants are applied to clean teeth that have been lightly etched to create a better bond between the sealant material and your tooth. Fissure sealants quickly harden, leaving a smooth surface that is easy to keep clean.

I Have Fillings in my Back Teeth: Can I Still Have Fissure Sealants?

Unfortunately, no as dental sealants can only be applied to teeth that do not have any signs of decay or which are not already filled.