Redcliffe Dental

We strongly believe in preventative dentistry being an important part of your overall health. Preventative dentistry covers a range of treatments targeted at preventing problems from occurring. Redcliffe Dental offers a great range of preventative dental care treatments and our friendly dental team is always more than willing to talk to you about how to improve your dental care at home. We welcome questions from our patients and are never too busy to help you. Let us help you smile for life.

Why We Believe in Patient Education

Our aim is to ensure you know exactly how best to look after your teeth and gums in between dental treatments. By providing you with the necessary information and education, we can help you take control of your dental health. Common dental diseases including tooth decay and gum disease are preventable and maintaining a healthy mouth helps to keep your dental bills low and avoids the heartache and distress many people experience when they lose teeth or develop chronic dental problems.We will work with you to do everything possible to mitigate this risk and this includes offering customised dietary advice if required.

Protecting Your General Health

Did you know your oral health is closely connected to your general health? Over the past few years an increasing number of clinical studies have linked poor oral health to serious health conditions including cardiovascular disease and diabetes. If you already have existing health conditions then these could worsen. By offering you the very best in preventative dentistry we can help protect far more than just your smile.