Why the ‘perfect smile’ is not for you

We get bombarded with images of the perfect smile—through celebrities, general media and increasingly—social media and its influencers. They generally show perfectly straight, white (sometimes VERY white) teeth like this:

In the same way as models were once accused of creating a false expectation of what bodies should look like, these images of celebrity smiles are creating false expectations of what a smile should look like.

The reality is that –just like the same haircut won’t look good everybody—these teeth may not look good on you.

An attractive smile is multitude of factors including:

  • How they are positioned
  • Length (how much do you show when you speak or smile?)
  • Their shape and how it fits in with your face shape
  • Whether the colour is right for your skin tone and sometimes, age

The most important factor however, is health. It’s important when we look at improvements in aesthetics that we also look at health and the impact of any treatments we do on the longterm health of the teeth. Usually, if you treat the health component, the cosmetic side will come as a bonus.

We believe in helping you smile for life and solutions that are as individual as you are. If you’re concerned with the appearance of your smile, speak to us and let us come up with a tailored solution for you—not a cut and paste situation.

And here’s proof that one size fits all, is not an option when it comes to dentistry:


Oct, 15, 2019