Redcliffe Dental

Welcome! About your first appointment

The admin side:

  • Please arrive a few minutes early to allow the completion of a new medical history questionnaire. Our dentists do need to know about your medical history so we can ensure your treatment is safe and appropriate for your health needs. Alternatively the form can be downloaded here to print and email to us.
  • If you would like us to your previous records from another practice, you can complete and sign this release form here and email it to us before your appointment. We'll do our best to request the records for you but we don't have control over how fast another practice will send the records to us

What to expect:

  • Your first appointment will take a little longer as we will carry out a comprehensive examination. This may include and are not limited to: radiographs, photos and digital scans
  • All this information is used to customise your treatment plan. Once we have completed our examination, we will discuss our findings, including recommendations for any treatments if required. Please feel free to ask us anything you'd like about your dental health as questions are definitely encouraged!
  • We can provide you with a written plan with quotes, appointment required at the end of your visit. However, if your treatment is more complex or we may need to see you back for a consultation.

If your first appointment is for a specific emergency or issue e.g. broken tooth, our first priority is to get you out of pain. There may not be time for a comprehensive exam on the day but we would be happy to schedule one for you as soon as possible.