Redcliffe Dental

Emergency Dentistry

We understand that emergencies can happen at any time and for this reason we provide emergency appointments every day. If you have a dental emergency we will make every effort to attend to your needs even if that means staying back late one evening or using our lunch breaks!

It is likely you will need immediate treatment to solve your dental problem, so we aim to start treatment for you at the emergency appointment if it suits you.

To help us provide efficient care for your emergency, when you make the appointment we may ask you a few questions such as:

  • Where is the pain
  • How long it’s been there for
  • Does anything make it worse or better
  • What does the pain feel like

Any other information you can provide to us will help us provide efficient treatment for your emergency.

Guarantees at Redcliffe Dental

People are always concerned about the charges that go with emergency dental treatments. At Redcliffe Dental, we guarantee the following;

  • The same dental treatment fees apply for an emergency appointment
  • We can provide you with a treatment plan & quotation before starting
  • We are happy to and will explain your options to you
  • We are happy to look after you for ongoing care—not just an emergency

What to do if you Knock Out a Tooth!?

If your tooth has been knocked out, believe it or not, there is a chance that we can save it. However, everything you do from the point of losing tooth can make all the difference. There are things that you can do to help preserve the tooth.

We suggest you leave the gum tissue in place, and if you can, put the tooth back in the empty socket. If this isn’t possible, put milk into a container and put the tooth inside it or you can put the tooth inside your mouth against your cheek until you get to the dentist.

The sooner you call us to arrange an emergency appointment, the more chance we have to save your tooth, so call us as soon as possible. Let our caring dental team look after you.