Redcliffe Dental

When Might I Need advanced Dental Services?

People most often require general dentistry services but there are certain times and situations when more specialised treatments are needed. While this may not happen very often, if at all, it is reassuring to know that you can visit your normal dental surgery and will be treated by a dental team you already know and trust.

What Type of advanced Services are Offered at Redcliffe Dental?

Our advanced services include treatment for TMJ (jaw disorders) and bruxism (tooth grinding and clenching). We take especially good care of nervous or anxious patients, particularly anyone who might not have visited a dentist for a while due to any dental phobias. Our caring and gentle dental team realise some people find visiting the dentist particularly stressful and we have a range of options to help make treatments more pleasant.

What can you do for anxious or nervous patients?

By talking to you and understanding how your fears develop, we will be able to devise a way to treat you without causing undue anxiety. We will make sure treatment is carried out at a pace you feel comfortable with.Many people are fearful because they feel helpless during treatment. Often simply being able to raise your hand to stop treatment can be enough to make an appointment more pleasant. As you become accustomed to visiting us, we hope your anxieties will gradually disappear as we aim to make every visit a positive experience.If you are particularly anxious then we can offer Nitrous Oxde (happy gas) and Penthrox inhalation sedation. Both these methods of light inhalation sedationtakes effect extremely quickly and is extremely safe. IV sedation, a heavier form of sedation can be arranged if necessary and may  not be suitable for some patients.