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Why Should I Think about Getting My Child a Mouthguard?

Every year thousands of children suffer dental injuries when playing contact and non-contact sports. Many of these injuries could be avoided had these children been wearing a properly fitting mouthguard. If your child likes to play sports then it is a great idea to get them a custommouthguard. This will help avoid the distress of dental injuries and any potentially large dental bills for a lifetime of restorative work.

Why Get a Custom Fitted Mouthguard?

You have probably noticed it is possible to buy over the counter mouthguards quite cheaply, but these offer little, if any real protection. A custom fitted mouthguard offers the most protection and will be comfortable to wear so your child will be far more likely to actually use it! In addition, the mouthguard will be specifically made to offer maximum protection during your child’s favourite sports.

What’s the Process for Having a Custom-MadeMouthguard?

Our dentist here at Redcliffe Dental will just need take an impression of your child’s mouth. This is used by our dental laboratory to fabricate their mouthguard to our exact prescription. The mouthguard can be fitted at their next visit and will be ready to use.

How Do You Look after a Mouthguard?

It’s very simple as all you need do is clean it thoroughly after each use and store it in the perforated container provided. Take care to ensure it is not stored near any direct heat source as this could distort it.

We will need to check the fit of their mouthguard at regular intervals and as their teeth and jaws develop it will need to be replaced or adjusted.