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When Should My Child have Their First Dental Visit?

You can book your child’s first dental appointment with us here at Redcliffe Dental soon after they get their first milk tooth. This initial appointment is just so we can have a quick look inside the mouth to check everything is developing normally. The earlier you bring your child to visit us, the sooner they can get used to the sights, sounds and smells of a dental clinic so hopefully they’ll realise it’s not a scary place! Early dental care focuses on preventative treatment, helping to keep your child’s teeth as healthy and strong as possible. Procedures such as fissure sealants and fluoride treatments offer additional protective effects and are very non-invasive.

Milk Teeth Aren’t Permanent so Do I Need to Look after Them?

The answer to this one is a resounding yes as they have an extremely important role to play in your child’s development. Milk teeth enable a child to learn to speak clearly and ensure they can eat a wider range of foods without any discomfort or pain, making it much easier for them to have proper nutrition, aiding their overall development. If milk teeth are lost too soon then adult teeth are more likely to come through crooked and requiring orthodontics to straighten them. In addition, tooth decay is unpleasant at any age!

Family budget friendly dentistry

We accept bulk billing for the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme. Call us on 07 3284 2244 and we can check your childʼs eligibility. For those not covered by the scheme, we offer reduced rates for childrenʼs checkups, cleans and fluoride treatments.

When Should I Begin Brushing and Flossing My Child’s Teeth?

Good oral care should begin very early on and you can start by cleaning your child’s gums after each feeding using a damp washcloth or clean piece of gauze. Once they get their first tooth you’ll need to begin brushing it very carefully with a soft baby tooth brush. We can show you the best techniques for brushing and can offer advice on the types of toothpaste to use. Once their teeth come into contact your need to begin flossing them and once again we can help by showing you how.