Project Smile

In 2018 to celebrate our 60thBirthday we decided to give back to the community that has supported us—by transforming the smile of a Peninsula local—for free. We called this Project Smile. 

We began our search calling for suitable candidates and nominations through Facebook, in house nominations and our website.  While we would have liked to take on more than one candidate, we decided on local resident Kim McDonald because of the heartfelt nomination letter written by her daughter.  

Kim has put her family ahead of herself for many years, this includes her dental health taking a back seat. When we first met Kim she was self conscious of her teeth and admits to not being able to smile confidently for photos.

A smile Kim used to hide

Kim’s case was not easy, it wasn’t about just cosmetics, we had to address issues such as: 

  • Failing old amalgam restorations with decay
  • Decayed/broken down teeth 
  • Old dental work that was failing 
  • Front teeth that were worn down, short and jagged 
  • Missing back teeth which resulted in difficulty eating and a change in the bite 
  • Gum health which was not ideal 
Close up at initial examination

It truly was a whole team approach and project involving our dentists (Dr. Jenny Wang, Dr. Jason Huang, and Dr. Jeremy Horsfall) and hygienists as well as trusted specialists. While our dentists worked on rebuilding Kim’s smile, our hygienist Aurelia worked with Kim on her gum health to ensure her new smile will last. 

Some of the procedures undertaken include:

  • Build up of worn/broken teeth and replacement of amalgam restorations with composite resin(white) restorations
  • Removing and replacing old bridges and crowns
  • Extraction of heavily broken down teeth
  • Replacement of missing teeth with implants and crowns 
  • Whitening 

We completed Kim’s treatment recently and our greatest reward is seeing the change in Kim—how she smiles and how confident she is. 

Thank you, Kim, for giving us the opportunity to help you smile for life. 

A confident smile

*Special thanks to Hade Dental Ceramics for all their wonderful work to create a truly natural looking dental crowns.

You can read more about the project through local magazine Peninsula Life Issue 7. Have a look at hour website to find out more about our services, see examples of our work and find out about our practice, or follow us on our Instagram – redcliffedental_

Dec, 31, 2018