The History behind Toothpaste

We take modern toothpaste for granted but have you ever wondered where and when it was invented? In fact, the history of toothpaste dates back to the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Chinese.

As early as 5000 BC the Ancient Egyptians were already using a revolting sounding paste made from eggshells, pumice, oxen hooves, myrrh and ashes to clean their teeth. The Ancient Greeks were said to have used toothpaste made from crushed bones and oyster shells and where the focus was on obtaining a beautifully white smile, although with such an abrasive paste you have to wonder about the damage to their teeth. In about 500BC, the Chinese began using a mixture of salt, ginseng and herbal mints, which sounds considerably more appealing than some of the earlier toothpastes.

It wasn’t until the 1800s that modern toothpaste began to be mass-produced and toothpaste became a necessity rather than a luxury. Today, thankfully, modern toothpaste is designed to taste nice and contains ingredients to help protect your teeth and gums.

May, 14, 2018