Have a Terrible Fear of Going to the Dentist. What Should I do?

Give us a call or visit us for a simple chat outside of the surgery. Our team here at Redcliffe Dental will be more than happy to speak to you. We are here to listen and understand exactly the root cause of your fears and anxiety. At Redcliffe Dental our dentists and entire team are here to cater for any patient with a dental anxiety or phobia and we can provide an experience that will either reduce that phobia or remove it completely.

How Can You Help Me Conquer My Fears?

By talking to you and understanding how your fears develop, we will be able to devise a way to treat you without causing undue anxiety. We will make sure treatment is carried out at a pace you feel comfortable with and of course you are free to stop at any stage. Many people are fearful because they feel helpless during treatment. Often simply being able to raise your hand to stop treatment can be enough to make an appointment more pleasant. When you visit us, you’ll notice our surgery is in a peaceful and tranquil setting which we find helps patients feel more relaxed and calm. As you become accustomed to visiting us, we hope your anxieties will gradually disappear as we aim to make every visit a positive experience.

Could Additional Sedation Help You?

If you are particularly anxious then we can offer Nitrous Oxde (happy gas) and Penthrox inhalation sedation. Both these methods of light inhalation sedation takes effect extremely quickly and is extremely safe. IV sedation, a heavier form of sedation can be arranged if necessary and may not be suitable for some patients.

How Happy Gas Can Help You

Happy gas (nitrous oxide) is quick, convenient and very safe. The gas is inhaled through a small mask that will fit over your nose. It soon takes effect, allowing you to feel comfortably relaxed. Our dentist will continually monitor you during treatment and once the gas is turned off, it is soon eliminated from your body. After just a short while you will be fine to drive yourself home.