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Fine lines, crow’s feet and loss of volume are all common signs of ageing and facial injectables are a very safe and non-invasive way to create a fresher and more rejuvenated appearance. Here at Redcliffe Dental, our dentists use high quality products and our cosmetic injectable treatments can improve areas of concern. You can choose to have facial injectables as a stand-alone treatment or to help add that final touch after a smile makeover. Our treatments include muscle relaxing injections and facial/dermal fillers.

Treating Fine Lines and Crow’s Feet

Muscle relaxing injections can be very successful in treating lines and wrinkles that have only recently appeared. Treatment works by helping the facial muscles to relax, preventing contractions that could cause the wrinkles to worsen and creating a smoother and more youthful appearance.

Surgical Warning
Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should obtain opinions and advice by an appropriately qualified health practitioner. Results and procedures required will vary from individual to individual.

Rejuvenating Facial Volume

Unlike muscle relaxing injections, dermal fillers help to fill in areas where there is loss or deficiency of volume. For example, enhancing the appearance of thin, poorly defined lips. Dermal fillers contain a substance called hyaluronic acid. The body produces hyaluronic acid naturally, but production slows down with age resulting in that loss of facial volume and elasticity. Use of dermal fillers which contain hyaluoronic acid can prompt the body to produce more collagen, enhancing the appearance of the skin.

Will My Facial Features Look Natural After Treatment?

Our dentists have an extensive knowledge of facial anatomy which includes knowing exactly how each muscle functions. This allows us to use facial injectables precisely where they are most needed, providing maximum benefit while using minimal amounts of product. Taking this approach ensures your facial features will look natural yet refreshed and you will still be able to smile, talk and show emotion without fear of looking frozen or somehow too smooth. The result should be natural yet noticeable, as if you have had a particularly relaxing holiday. Every treatment is fully customised to help refresh your appearance, precisely as desired.