Aurelia Cosier: Dental Hygienist

Aurelia grew up here in Redcliffe and graduated with her Bachelors Degree in Applied Health Science (Oral Health) from the University of Queensland. Like everyone here at Redcliffe Dental, Aurelia is passionate about preventative dentistry and she loves working with patients, motivating them to achieve optimal dental health.  She finds helping people with dental anxieties and fears is especially rewarding, providing them with practical help and the gentle encouragement needed to overcome these anxieties. Aurelia particularly loves interacting with people during her work and it really makes her day when someone leaves with a smile. You will find she is very easy to talk to and she enjoys sharing stories with her patients. As a mum, Aurelia is particularly good with children. Working with ‘Sparkles’ the tooth fairy, Aurelia regularly visits kindergartens to do health talks during oral health week.

Important Support Staff

Brittany Pearse

Liz Saunder

Natsuko Kobayashi

Nikki Dunne

Sharon Flood

Devina Wright